Why Are Interracial Dating & Marriage Rising?

Society and its attitudes have been changing significantly the past decades. Simultaneously, many other things which are somehow intertwined, are also being altered. All of this serves as proof that one thing can have an impact on others. Such is the case with interracial dating and marriages. Both have risen substantially and continue to rise each year. Individuals from totally different ethnic backgrounds have been going out with each other. In many cases, these relationships have turned to marriages between the couples.

But what exactly is behind this spike? While some can be attributed to certain things, not all are that obvious. Are there hidden causes or some that people don’t know about? Could there be one thing which affects the other somehow? Especially when people think they have nothing to do with the other? For instance, people may not know that black porn in general, has also risen tremendously the past few years.

Search engines show that users have an interest in adult content with relations to the word ebony. More individuals than ever before are looking at black videos dealing with sexual situations. That is to say, black pornographic movies. Additionally, several other genres in porn related to African Americans, have been experienced a rise as well. Ebony sex videos is a prime example of this. Still, could people’s interest in interracial porn or black videos be related to the rise in interracial dating? Are these somehow connected to what’s been happening?

When it comes to the rise of interracial marriages and dating, there are several factors to consider. Issues such as migration patterns have had an impact. You also have the availability of partners. Education, Television, mainstream movies and social media also play a big role. Lastly, the attitudes of people in general are one of the biggest factors. Perhaps all of the other aforementioned things helped shape those attitudes. Or maybe it could be the other way around.

In either case, some things need to be kept in perspective. For example, it was only a half century ago that interracial marriage was decriminalized by the US supreme court. Hard to believe that in the 60s it was illegal for people of different races to marry in many states in the USA. Yet that is exactly how it was back then. Fast forward to today and you have a complete change in people’s attitudes. Overall, people surveyed today feel differently about interracial dating. They were asked how they would feel about someone in their family dating or marrying a person of another ethnic group or race. 61% of Whites said they would have no problem with it. About 73% of black and 63% of Hispanics respondents said the same thing.

The numbers tell the story of what happens once people’s attitudes begin to change. They can lead to other things also going into a different direction. No one can question the impact innovation and technology have played the past decade. Individuals are capable of communicating with others unlike any time in the past. Using Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices has been crucial. All of them allow people to use the internet to meet others. Social media has also helped shape people’s attitudes and views of others.

However, even with all of these things, there’s still the huge role adult content has played. It is the one element most don’t know about or do not consider factoring in on this. Yet internet searches and related keywords paint a different story. They tell how people are looking for certain things; even if it is adult related. Moreover, there is the high amount of certain type of pornography available. Homemade movies of couples having sex are easily found. Most adult sites have thousands of these amateur sex tapes. All of them paint a picture of what goes on with people and their sexual lives.

Many of these non-professional amateur porn videos are of interracial couples having sex. These people wanted others to see them as a couple – even when this was done via a pornography movie. It still helped set the stage for them to show their interracial relationship. The interracial porn videos are among some of the most viewed in adult sites. They are connected to the black porn videos genre. The same with the ebony sex movies or content.

All of this also factors in with how differently people feel about sex in general. Society’s attitude about sex and adult content, has shifted dramatically the past few years. People’s acceptance of what once was considered taboo or indecent, has turned. Perhaps sex and porn have shown people something. That sex is the one thing all humans do the same way, irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.